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You know me, but how fucked up are YOU?

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I found this on another blog and it’s one of the funniest “tools” I’ve come across for a while. It’s a psychological word search. There isn’t a word bank that you have to find all of them–you’re just supposed to look, and the first three words you find will describe your personality.

I found this first on, then this particular image on, but it's all over the internet if you search for it.

The first words I saw were “crush fool rageman.” Now, “rageman” probably isn’t a word, but I’m pretty sure Mike uses it sometimes anyway. Usually to describe himself, because he’s as weird as I am. So apparently I’m a robot (because, duh, robots are the only ones who want to crush people) who wants to crush my foolish rageman-boyfriend. I worried that maybe this painted a bad picture, so I kept looking and found “malice,” then “kick,” “flesh” and “secrets.” Secrets might be good with a different group. And my worry wasn’t helped when I saw that the “man” that I’d attached to “rage” was really part of “maniac.”

So, my lovely readers. (Doesn’t that sound creepy after the above paragraph?) What three words now describe your psychological makeup? How do you interpret them, and do you agree? I’d love to know.


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  1. Hah, I got bail, lust, and fool. Then I kept looking and found flesh, suicide, hate, and malice. I don’t know what that says about me, but apparently I’m pretty fucked up.

    I have a feeling this word search is biased – where are all the happy words?

    • Looks like you’re going to foolishly bail someone out of jail because of lust. Then probably go on a killing spree and top it off by killing yourself. That’s my professional opinion. Or, well, it would be if people would start PAYING me.

      P.S. The happy words are up and down, diagonal and backwards. And there are only a few. So, according to this thing, one would have to ignore the obvious in order to be happy. (Wait, that almost sounds right!)

  2. Ha! I spotted “fool” “read” and “wisdom” straightaway, followed by “suicide,” “naked,” and “despair.”

    I have to agree that this thing seems to be teh biased. Where ARE all of the happy words?

    • “Fool,” “read” and “wisdom” makes me think that maybe you’re obsessed with “The Secret.” And when it doesn’t work, you get naked, cry and kill yourself.

      Happy words: I can only find a few, and they’re up and down, diagonal, or backwards. Clearly you have to ignore the obvious to be happy.

  3. Fuck it Rachael. I got ‘Lust’, ‘Dread’ & ‘Coke. What does this mean?

    Am I going to bury my face in the white powder with a lusty six pack ab donning Rastafarian?

    Fuck it Rachael. My husband will growl.

  4. Secretssorgia (cool spy name) SexEds and Sinx.

    I do now know what this means.

    But I want to find ALL THE WORDS now.

  5. bail these crush. i have no idea what this means.

  6. I got “lust, naked, secret”

    I wish my life were so exciting, haha.

  7. “Maniac naked passion”

    I don’t even know what to think. But I’m guessing it’s something good.

    • Dammit, what the hell! Why do men get all the awesome word combinations?! Is it because men spend their time thinking about sex and women are just crazy? Isn’t that stereotypical? I’m reassigning you new words. You get “murder,” “door” and “Ruth.” That’s right. RUTH. (And no, it doesn’t go on to be “ruthless.”)

  8. Wisdom, Dream, Passion. That was first glance. Then Leave, Secrets, Suicide.


    • Given that it’s only supposed to be your first three, you’re probably the most sane and just generally best person who reads this here little blog. Congratulations! I’d give you a prize, but I’m not really sure it’s a difficult title to win.

  9. Lust, Crush, Fool.

    I am sexually attacted to someone who then emotionally crushes me and I feel like a fool?

    Nah, more likely that I desire to crush some fool. I think that’s probably more accurate, because people are dumbasses and I routinely want to step on their heads. Perfect.

  10. God damn it, my first three were: suicide, maniac, secrets. I feel like a terrible person now. I swear, I’m normally a very bright, happy person. I just read left to right, not up to down, and I started by looking at the middle of the puzzle, not the top.

  11. Awesome. I got maniac suicide passion. Apparently my latent depression will cause me to go on a killing spree (of passion) after which I’ll commit suicide. I’m hoping that comes later in life, I’ve got shit to do today.

  12. I got Stalker, Coke and Lice. I saw that lice was actually malice, but I didn’t see that until after I saw lice.

    I have NO idea what this means. Probably not good for Donnie Wahlberg or my ex boyfriend though.

    • Honestly, this one seems pretty obvious to me. I mean. Stalker. That probably describes you. Coke. A habit, I’m guessing? So you’re a coked-out stalker. With lice. Or maybe you’re a coked-out stalker of lice. Either way? I think you might want to reconsider your life choices.

  13. I should have tried to find my words before I read what you found because now those are the only words I can find.. until I really stared at it and found “woman” “pair” and “risk”

    either I don’t have a personality or I should be alone the rest of my life.

    • Maybe you just saw “risk” because there wasn’t a “risque.” My computer won’t even do the accent there. You know what I mean. Are you a stripper, by any chance?

  14. “rageman naked meme.”
    yeah i don’t even know how to interpret that!

    i guess i need to make a meme involving a naked angry man??

  15. Passion, secrets, and naked.

    But of course.

  16. I got Bail, Fool, and Flesh. Either I’m going to bail a fool (read foo’ or something) out of jail or I AM said fool… What’s the flesh part? Will I become a cannibal? The more I look at this, the more words I see and I find myself wishing my original three were cooler.

    • I think “flesh” is always a good one. It could be either sexual or violent. Depending on who you’re talking to, you can talk up one or the other, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to win any conversation.

  17. –>Fool, door and lice.
    Clicked through from The Bloggess – – went to click on your twitter and it was a broken link. I’m @debthaxton.

    • I…uhhh…don’t have an answer for you. Also, I’m sorry WordPress filtered your comment as spam and I didn’t figure out how to get it it show up until now. I’ll check that Twitter thing. Maybe it’s fixable.

  18. I know I’m way late to this party but I got Kick, Malice, Suicide and Cum… I think it’s trying to tell me something.

    • You’re a suicidal bitch. The only thing keeping you from killing yourself is your sexual desire. It’s totally possible that you’re straight-up Freudian and have some Daddy issues to work out. I’m not sure, but people tend to care what he thought, so I figured I’d mention it.

  19. Emma Buktenica

    I got Made, Leave, Cum, which is weird, cuz I definitely don’t usually put “leave” before “cum.”

    • Maybe there are implied negatives that we’re not thinking of. Like, I’m thinking “made” here. You know that phrase, “you’re made”? Like, you are all set and don’t have to worry about anything. You’re made to cum. Unless, of course, your partner leaves. (There’s your negative.) Then you’re fucked in the lame way. I’m sorry.

  20. Huh.
    I was all, “This should be interesting. dote dee dote dee derrr…”


    That’s…not supremely difficult to decode. I was expecting something generically neurotic. I’m SUCH an overachiever.

  21. I got

    Wollof (which is obviously the Wolf word for “wolf”)

    So, I have lice, I kick wolves with a passion, and I speak the Wolf language? Or maybe I kick some wolves who are very passionate about their lice and speak Wolf?

    • I’m so glad you speak Wolf, because I don’t think I’d have been able to translate that myself, but now I’m worried that you might be a werewolf. I mean, how else would you learn to speak Wolf?

      • Damn. It was a secret until you ruined everything. *turns into wolf and eats you but doesn’t enjoy it*

        Also, I can’t remember what nonsense I put in the email field yesterday, so today’s avatar is different.


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