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There’s been a…misunderstanding.

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Presenting: Wesley Cripes

“Wesley.” It’s not really a common name, right? You don’t expect to hear it attached to more than one person or character in your lifetime. Okay, maybe some of you do, but I didn’t. Wesley Crusher fulfilled my Wesley quota without my ever having watched Star Trek (except for that one time in high school when we did in class, and it did not feature Wil Wheaton at all). So this is what happened when I heard of Wesley Snipes, and Mike told me that he “played the guy in Blade” (whose name, I later found out, is Blade).

I think it’s better this way, no?


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Hi. I'm Rachael. I realized one day that, even though I read a lot of books, I often have a hard time remembering them later on. I guess that happens when there's so much to try to remember! So I started The 50 Book Project, with the intention to read and blog about 50 new (to me) books in 2014. I read a lot of fantasy, but I'm trying to branch out and experience new stuff. Any questions? Suggestions? Let me know! Comment, or email me at

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  1. I agree. Much better. You do know that Blade was a vampire, right? Vampire Wesley? That’s kind of hot.

  2. LMFAO………. I’m not sure whether I should be disturbed or turned on.

  3. My guinea pig is named Wesley!! I’m totally serious, ha ha. I wish I could upload a picture…

    • Oh god, I am SO glad you don’t have a pic to upload, or I fear we would see Will Wheaton’s head on your hampster. And I seriously don’t think I’m prepared to see that abomination…..

  4. Much better. Now if only you could photoshop vampire fangs on Wil’s mug….

  5. However, you all are forgetting the other sexy Wesley – perhaps the sexiest Wesley of them all. *swoon*

  6. hahahah this was a great read! i know two normans. i think one is enough in anyones life šŸ™‚

  7. Rachael, I grew up with a boy names Wesley!

    • Since Wesley Crusher is a fictional character (and I think 10 years your junior), I’m going to have to assume that you grew up with Wesley Snipes and never told me. If you had, it probably would have been his face on Wil Wheaton’s teenage body, which would have been even more hilarious. You have robbed the world of hilarity by withholding information.


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