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Guys guys guys. This is SUPER FUCKING EXCITING. I mean, I imagine everyone is super fucking excited when they get their first blog award, right? So I’m sure you all understand the necessity of my posting to announce the news. I mean, I’m a freakin’ n00b here, you know? I’ve only been around since April! And not only am I in the League of Funny Bitches, but I also have….THIS:


Siren designed this award and definitely did not give it to me at all in any way. Can you believe it? I am on the fast track to internet fame and never having to leave my house again.

I’d like to thank…myself.

In other news, I noticed a puddle of water on the floor when I woke up absurdly early this morning and it turns out there was a leaky pipe so now it’s being fixed, but there are two huge holes in our ceiling because the pipe goes from one room to the next, and also a missing pipe. It is currently at the stage of repair where if the guy upstairs flushes the toilet, it’ll empty onto my stove. Do Gorons go to the bathroom? I don’t think Gorons go to the bathroom. We should be safe.

EDIT: Siren has come up with a few (minor) rules (okay, like, one)* about this blog award, and that is: When you post it, whether it be in a post or a sidebar or whatever, link it back to where you got it. If you click the one in my sidebar, it will bring you to Siren’s page about how the award came about and how it works. Lacrema, who stole the award from me, has linked it back to me (well, to both me and Siren). So if someone steals it from Lac, the idea is that they’ll link back to her. And then eventually when the award is all over the place because, come on, who wouldn’t want this award, you can see it and click back and follow the whole trail to what will probably be a lot of interesting blogs on the way. Cool? Okay, cool.

*It’s really more like a guideline.